Chapter II:23: Resolution of Apparent Contradictions, Part 2

3.  With our AUTHOR we say that God with good reason willed that there be Diversity in the Scripture, α. both so that all suspicion of hidden collusion in writing might be banished; which in a striking manner is thus removed by the Evangelists, who otherwise would have most easily fallen into the same: consult § 6 of this Chapter: β. and so that we might have exercise for our industry and faith.

4.  If in the ways already proposed in the case of ἐναντιοφανέσι, apparent contradictions, a clear Reconciliation is not soon found, we further observe with our AUTHOR that it is not necessary in the Reconciliation of texts that we assert Positively that thus the matter stands, or assert Proofs, which on account the want of history or other requisites often is not able to be done: but it suffices, if we conjecture that the matter is able to stand in this or that way.

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