Chapter II:33: The Multitude of Other Versions

There is no number of the more recent translations in various Languages, our AUTHOR justifiably subjoins. Which will be most persuasive to each one, if he should consult the Bibliothecam Sacram of JACOB LE LONG of Paris, a Priest of the Congregation of the Oratory, edited and enlaged by CHRISTIAN FREDERICK BOERNER, Professor of humane Letters at the Academy of Leipzig, which appeared in two octavo volumes at Antwerp and Leipzig in 1709;[1] BUDDEUS’ Isagogen ad Theologiam universam, book II, chapter VIII, § 5, tome 2, page 1531, § 6, pages 1538b-1543, § 7, pages 1543-1580, in which there is extended discussion focused upon Luther’s German Version of the Bible, pages 1549-1569, and in the Addendis, pages 1841, 1842a; especially with respect to the New Testament, JUSTUS WESSELUS RUMPÆUS’ Commentationem criticam ad Novi Testamenti Libros cum præfatione Carpzovii, § L, pages 344-443; and FABRICIUS’ Bibliothecam Græcam, book IV, chapter V, volume 3, pages 191-203, where the Versions of the New Testament are reviewed in Alphabetical order.  Concerning the various Italian Versions of the Bible prepared during the time of the Reformation, see GERDES’ Specimen Italiæ Reformatæ, § 10, pages 14-16, and the Syllabum Italorum Reformatorum, pages 190, 191, 242, 329, 330, 340, of the same.

[1] Christian Frederick Boerner (1683-1753) was a German Lutheran theologian, excelling in the fields of Ecclesiastical History and Biblical Criticism.  He published an edition of the works of Martin Luther in twenty-two volumes, and a corrected and enlarged edition of Le Long’s Bibliothecæ Sacræ.

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