Chapter II:40: Scripture as Supreme Judge, not Reason or Philosophy, Part 4

The Objections, briefly and vigorously resolved by our AUTHOR, do not much delay us; for example,

α. With the help of Reason we elicit the true Sense. Response:  We acknowledge this, and taught the manifold Use of Reason in Theology, Chapter I, § 32.  But already at that time we observed at the same time that Reason is here, not the principal, but the minister:  whence with no greater right of Reason would you conclude it to be the Supreme and Infallible Judge in matters of Faith, than you might assign the same to the Senses of sight and hearing; since they also intervene in learning and grasping the true Sense of Sacred Scripture.

β. The Judgment of Discretion is competent to human Reason. Response:  The Judgment of Discretion, 1.  differs much from the Supreme and Infallible Judge, which we yield to no man.  2.  The Judgment of Discretion is more private, proper to individual believers, and does not serve the universal Church as a norm.  3.  We do not attribute the Judgment of Discretion absolutely to human Reason or individual men:  but we assert that that Judgment is competent to believers, but we believe that it is able to be exercised rightly only with the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

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