Chapter II:45: The Means of Biblical Interpretation: Parallel Passages

Besides this twofold Analogy, Parallel Passages, Similar and Dissimilar, are yet to be considered in Interpretation, the σύγκρισις/syncrisis/comparison or collation of which is of no small use, since those passages are wont everywhere to shed light upon one another:  only let care be exercised, lest passages be held as Parallel, which are not such, for example, by comparing Jeremiah 31:33 with Romans 2:14, 15, which has been the continuous fault of the Socinians, proof of which the Catechesis Racoviana, for example, exhibits on almost every page.

On § 45, consult SPANHEMIUS’ Collegium Theologicum Heidelbergæ de Principio Theologiæ, part V, § 12-15, opera, tome 3, part 2, columns 1195, 1196; STEPHANUS GAUSSENUS’ Theses theologicas inaugurales de Verbo Dei, theses LXXXV-XCII, pages 465-472, where he explains what is to be done by the Theologian in the Reading of Scripture, and what is to be avoided.

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