Chapter II:50: The Goal/End of Scripture

Thus it has finally come unto the Ultimate End of Scripture; which is able to be said to be twofold, with one subordinated to the other, and both set forth clearly enough by our AUTHOR:  namely,

α. The Elect’s Salvation, which nevertheless does not always and in all follow upon the every preaching and use of the Scripture, because God does not intend the Salvation of all those externally called, and hence does not grant the Spirit of Grace to the same, by a comparison of Isaiah 53:1; Acts 13:46-48; 2 Corinthians 2:16; in which manner then God does not fail of His own End in the preaching of the Word, inasmuch as in it He only intends the Salvation of the Elect, not of all.

β. God’s Glory, which the Lord willed to reveal in the subject matter of Scripture, in such a way that He luminously discloses the same both in the damnation of the unbelieving revealed in the Word, and in the salvation of the Elect, Romans 9:22, 23.

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