Milestones in the De Moor Translation

This week, we will be completing the translation of De Moor’s Didactico-Elenctic Theology on the Doctrine of Scripture (almost 700 pages in manuscript).  If you missed this adventure, it is never too late to start (here).

Also, this is a great time to begin reading along with De Moor.  In the first volume, De Moor treated the term and the discipline of “Theology” in some depth.  We are getting ready to begin his treatment of the term “Religion”, largely ruined in our day, but full of sweetness in his own…the life of the soul with God.

Finally, we are offering two new courses:  The Revelation of St. John the Divine:  Beyond Mere Opinion (a study in the older Reformed view on the subject); and Christian Political Theory (certainly a crying need in our day).  Join us!

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